Chapter Survey

Please take a few minutes and fill out the following survey. Please click on the following link and take the following survey.

Dear Members:

Your Iroquois Chapter of TU is beginning a process to develop a Chapter Strategic Plan to
provide direction for the Chapter’s future activities and community involvement. We are
asking for your help because we value your opinions and insight. Eight years ago our
Chapter’s financial status was stressed, and since then we have been working hard to
raise needed funds to support our mission and future projects. The time has now come to
chart a course that will put our resources to use benefiting our local waterways.

Your current Board of Directors has committed to developing a written Strategic Plan this
summer that will be presented to our membership at our annual meeting in October. As
you can imagine, this is a very ambitious endeavor and your help is truly needed for the
process to be a success.

Please help us chart our Chapter’s future by going to and completing the survey we have created.
Your input is needed so that we can better serve the Chapter’s membership.

The Iroquois Chapter Board of Directors thanks you for your support.
Steven Brennan, President
Anthony Hyatt, Vice President
David Seifritz, Treasurer
Jim Froio, Director
David Tarr, Director
Martin Ivery, Director
Michael Hyde, Director
Paul Randall, Director
Nancy Lobello, Director
Eric Stanzcyk, Director