Stream Projects

Earth Day Clean – Up 2013 Limestone Creek

   On Saturday, April 20 The Iroquois Chapter of Trout
Unlimited and the Fayetteville Village Parks & Tree Commissions teamed
up with representatives of the ESF Trout Bums, Gould Groundwater,
Barton & Loguidice, the Girl Scouts, Pasquale’s Slice of Italy and a
number of village residents to totally cleanup Canal Landing Park and
the areas downstream along the banks of the creek and the feeder
canal.  This effort was spearheaded by Trout Unlimited.  The cleanup
started behind the Stack Hospital for Pets and included the removal of
litter and large piles of junk, ending at the end of Feeder Street.
Several truckloads of debris were removed.  “This effort would not have
been successful without the close cooperation of several groups and the
hard work of the ESF Trout Bums student club should be especially
noted,” said Steve Weiter, Secretary of the Iroquois Chapter of Trout
Unlimited. Marty Brunet, Village Parks Commissioner, first reached out
to the Iroquois Chapter of TU last year.  He was looking for assistance
with restoring fish habitat to the stream, and Trout Unlimited was
looking for a way to memorialize their friend and fellow member, Mr.
Bob Risley, who died last year. Limestone Creek was one of his favorite
fly-fishing locations. The 2013 Earth Day cleanup at Canal Landing was
performed in his memory.  “The partnership that has formed between
Trout Unlimited and the Village to improve the stream and to improve
the park land in the center of Fayetteville has been to everyone’s
advantage,” said Trout Unlimited Chapter President David Seifritz.
“Trout Unlimited would like to thank Fayetteville Mayor Mark Olson for
the opportunity to work closely with the Village on this project.”

Furnace Brook 2012 Earth Day Clean-up








Nine Mile Creek – Willow seedling planting 2012