NYTU State Council Resolution on Hydraulic Fracturing

“Resolution of the NYS Council of Trout Unlimited

Resolved: The New York State Council of Trout Unlimited is not opposed to increasing our domestic energy supply. The Council also recognizes the great damage uncontrolled exploitation of the Marcellus shale formation may cause to New York’s fragile watersheds, fish and other creatures that inhabit the waterways. The effects of huge water withdrawals, the injection and disposal of fracking products of an undisclosed nature with unknown impacts, and the destruction of valuable and irreplaceable ecosystems may result. Indeed that has been the disastrous result in other regions, particularly as a result of hydro-fracturing techniques and associated activities.

And, whereas the laws, regulations and administrative capabilities of the State of New York are antiquated, inadequate, incomplete and insufficient as they currently exist to properly protect the citizens and the environment from potential hazards caused by Marcellus shale exploitation; be it resolved that the New York State Council of Trout Unlimited, as part of Americas oldest and largest cold water conservation organization, opposes and will continue to oppose any exploitation of the Marcellus shale gas deposits until such time as the crucial issues above are resolved; i.e., thorough and complete disclosure of all impacts, the development of comprehensive laws and regulations to safeguard the environment and the presence of knowledgeable professional regulatory staff with funds to do their job. Adopted 11/07/09 at the General Meeting of NYSCTU in Altmar, NY”

This resolution was reaffirmed by State Council Representatives on September 17, 2013 at Cold Brook, NY.


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